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Who We Are

AirRe Enterprise Ltd. is a wholly Kenyan owned company and has been in operation since the year 2013.It is runned by qualified professional personnel highly experienced in both electrical and safety fields.

We are commited to the future of the business and our customers so we have invested heavily in our people,product innovation and variety to suit various customer needs.

The cost of accidents remains unacceptably high both in human and financial terms.This calls for use of right quality tools,spare and protective gears.Personal protective equipment is an essential element in ensuring the health and safety of people at work.It provides vital protection from diverse hazards.

Hence,there is a continuing need for employers to provide their workers with suitable personal protective equipment and quality products.Our product range evolves incorporation of new materials,products,inventions and suppliers, yet specially focused suit to the East African Market.We give alot of thought to the regional economics,climate,culture and production processes before deciding on what products to offer or stock.The range of products is vast and varies from extremely high quality,sophisticated and user-specific items to general and economic varieties.


To be the regional market leader in supply of quality electrical accessories,personal protective equipment,safety products and work wear for both domestic and industrial application.


Our business is committed to delivering our goal through our values.By investing in quality products,expert advice and support to our customers.We work in partnership with our customers to offer practical,hassle free services to ensure that your work place is safe and compliant.


All our products conform to European,British or International Standards and carry the relevant approval marks.We strive to supply products that our valued clientele practice and promote the highest professional standards in health,safety and environmental best practice at the work place.

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