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The HardCap A1+™ is a major innovation in head protection design. Designed to exceed the most recent standards, EN812:1997+2001, and ensure its almost impossible to distinguish from a standard high street baseball cap - making it a great option for urban environments where public disorder is occurring. The hat is designed such that one size fits all, particularly when combined with the castellated protective liner.

The liner can be removed allowing the cap section to be machine-washed for hygiene purposes. It has a sweatband for added comfort and subtle reflective piping incorporated into the cap section for added visibility.


Specifications Hose package MB36-1 with EURO-Central connector Rating: 270A CO2 Duty cycle: 60% Wire size: 0.8-1.2mm

Features Optimum cooling of the torch, extending torch life Ergonomic handle ensure comfort in every position Light and flexible cable assemblies, designed to reduce fatigue CE,CCC and ISO9001 quality certification

ESAB Welding Torch/Swan Necks

Esab Style Swan Neck PSF 160, Esab Style Swan Neck PSF 250,Esab Style Swan Neck PSF 305/315 MESSN305,Esab Style Swan Neck PSF 400/405 MESSN405 MESSN250.

The torches and torch outfits are designed to provide the utmost convenience, versatility and ergonomics. Choose between air-cooled or water cooled, with or without gas-valve and with or without a flexible neck depending on the job. Also available are TXH-F (flexible) and TXH-r (remote).

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